Modified Bitumen | Emmaty Exteriors
Modified Bitumen | Emmaty Exteriors

MODIFIED BITUMEN "Modified Roofing"

Because of the modifiers added to standard roofing asphalt to replace plasticizers removed during the distillation process, this type of low slope roofing material is known as modified bitumen. To increase durability and strength, bitumen is reinforced with fiberglass or polyester fiber matting.

Efficiency & Strength

These roof systems are constructed with layers of felt and bitumen that provide a redundancy of durable protection.
These systems are also well-suited to expand or contract with the movement of the building they protect.

Flexibility & Value added Solutions

Modified bitumen can be installed using an array of coatings and colors.
A modified bitumen roof system is versatile and can be finished with a variety of surfaces that enhance their resistance to oxidation and damage from UV rays.

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From aging infrastructure to increased pressure on resources to the severity of natural disasters, cities and municipalities are confronting complexities that are as unique as the people who live there.

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We believe no one discipline has all the answers to urban challenges. Our unique contribution to the urban agenda is our whole-systems approach to better prioritize projects, plan ahead, protect vulnerable assets, and provide sustainable growth.

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We work in the communities we live in and design comprehensive, innovative, and cost-effective solutions that make those communities more livable and at the same time meet the needs and requirements of each client by optimising the municipality’s infrastructure.

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Smart technology and the IoT is fundamentally changing how we work, how organizations operate, and how we experience places. Smart Cities are evolvable places that integrate intelligent design, multiple data inputs and previously disparate systems and aggregate these into a cloud of useful information. When harnessed, this actionable intelligence allows smart owners and occupants to create more engaging and effective built environments.

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Modified Bitumen | Emmaty Exteriors Modified Bitumen | Emmaty Exteriors